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Friends and Freebies Privacy Policy

We at Friends and Freebies respect the privacy of our users. Any personal information collected from the users is used according to the terms described below.

Information Collected:

During registration the following information is collected email address, mailing address, phone number and date of birth.† The IP address is collected for every user and every time the user logs into his account. In addition to this users who receive gifts worth more than $599 will be required to submit W-9 or W-8 form, submission of this form includes the Social Security Number. If you do not receive more than $599 you need not submit W-9 form.

Use of the collected information:

We will use the collected information for contacting members, shipping the rewards they earn and also for detecting fraud. If you were required to send us a W-9 form, we will be sending the user a 1099 form, as this is required by law. We may share personal information with third parties for the purpose of verifying account information and identifying fraud.

Contacting Members

We may contact members via email or postal mail with information regarding their account with us. We may ship reward items to the userís postal address. We are committed to ethical and responsible email practices in accordance with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.

Credit Card Details

We will never ask any user for their credit card information. We also advice users that they do not disclose their credit card details in any communications with us. Users may use their credit cards for signing up with affiliate offers, but we do not have access to any of that information.

We may make changes to this policy from time to time. You are advised to check back at this page for any updates.

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